Welcome to the homepage of the Dutch artist Radboud Oomens.

Find out interesting things about the succesful violinist and father of a big family — or have a look at his lifestory as well as at his repertoire list.Listen to the recital-CD, get the pictures or read about his experiences as orchestra-violinist. Don't hesitate, to leave your greetings in the guest book — or, if you find that too unpersonally, to contact him per e-mail


OrchesterPro on facebook

Now you can also find OrchesterPro on Facebook, with all new pictures and videos from last masterclass OrchesterPro in Engers. Come visit this site and may be you would even "like" it...
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Concert in Vachères, France on Youtube

This is a live recording of the Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by Camille Saint-Saëns. Mit Irina Kolesnikova am Klavier. Recorded 29th of july 2015
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Youtube: new videos

The Sonata A-Major by César Franck is now available on my Youtube channel
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The 42 Kreutzer Studies new from Schott-Music Mainz

Finally they exist: the 42 Kreutzer exercises in a unique original edition, with original fingerings and bowings from Kreutzer as well as with additional fingerings, bowings and practice tipps from Maria Egelhof and Radboud Oomens. Edited by Schott-Music.
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DAS ORCHESTER Oktober 2007

The article Simultanfähig? has been printed in the german Magazine DAS ORCHESTER from Oktober 2007.
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The Engers Video is there !

Here we see and hear the paticipants of the masterclass "OrchesterPro" in Engers, March 2011, as far as they participated the simultanity training. They play the Gavotte en Rondeau from the 3rd Partita E Major by J. S. Bach. You find Paganini's Nr. 14 on this chanal as well....
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True sonic concurrence in strings, Masterclasses and auditiontraining

Alle forms, information and texts for download
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This trademark stands for all issues of the masterclasses Orchestral playing, which we give in Altenberg and Neuwied-Engers (Germany). It contents auditiontraining with soloworks and orchestral passages, basic teaching and training of simultanously playing, for starters and advanced players.
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The video of simultaneity in the orchestra

for those, who prefer to watch and listen instaed of reading
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Radboud Oomens on Youtube

On Youtube you find some recordings by Radboud Oomens, audio and video.
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fascinating orchestra play, the ideal, a new publication

Please read this article. It tells, how orchestra playing can give a live long fascination and motivation !
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Concerts / Masterclass

Pour les candidats Français

La Traduction de L'article "Simultanfähig", "Das Orchester" Octobre 2007: "Comment jouer dans un orchestre"
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eStaccato: online violin lessons starting 12th of January 2016

For my online violin lessons I use eStaccato, a new platform for real-time online music lessons. eStaccato uniquely combines educational software and a social network - it allows teachers to have real-time online music lessons with their students in a fantastic quality and easy to use environment. Finally, all the possibilities of the Internet are at your disposal - and all that without compromising your high standards of teaching music.
The main benefits of eStaccato include:
- eStaccato offers an outstanding sound quality: the experience will be just like your usual lessons, including all the important small nuances in the music!
- Cut the frustration of travel: no more wasted time. eStaccato you brings your teaching online. Teacher and student connect to each other wherever they are! Lessons in every corner of the world are just a click of a button away.

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Pour les candidats Français

Traduction en Français de l'article "OrchesterPro"
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Download Musicsheets

Only for students and participants of our masterclasses you find music for download. This site is protected by username and password. Send an E-Mail to me in order to get accessdetails.
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